"I am always delighted with Alison Hartwell’s photography.  Her artistic eye is evident in unique shots, and all pictures are highest quality. Photos to treasure!" - AB


Alison has been specializing in Equestrian Photography for decades. She grew up riding, working at farms and shows, and carries this passion into her photography. Being the observer, there is much to learn of riding, and the delicate balance that can be illustrated between Humans and Nature in Equestrian Sports. We reflect to riders the art we see in what they do, and the sincere moments amidst the occasion. Alison's portfolio and services also include special events, concerts, performances, studio recording sessions, promo and portrait shoots, products, and real estate, too! "The most I can hope for in all I do as an Artist, is that somehow my work may help carry on the love and joy." -AH


"I had a video business for nearly 20 years and during that time had the chance to see hundreds of photographers. In all of this time, it was rare that anyone was able to capture the moment without trying to create it. Alison Hartwell is one of those rare, special photographers that captures moments in a totally unobtrusive style. Her eye and insight helps her to be at the right place at the right time. Alison is also one of the most gentle, caring and considerate people that I have ever met."

-Michael Blueglass

Videographer, Teacher, Coach.

"Alison Hartwell's photography captures some of the most tender and precious moments in time. She had a keen eye for for sharing the most subtle moments of beauty and grace. We were incredibly lucky to have her take some photographs on our special day. Her vision of love shines through in all of her work!"
-Linda Draper

"My husband and I are both delighted with the photographs captured by Alison Hartwell at our wedding. I enjoyed having her by my side while I was getting ready, and throughout our big day. Ms. Hartwell captured over 1000 photos that day and there are so many spectacular shots it's challenging to decide which pictures to print! She captured our special day in a way no one else could. Ms. Hartwell is a talented photographer - I highly recommend her!"
-Alison Joliceur

"Alison Hartwell is a wonderful photographer who understands the business, the workings of a horse show and how to capture beautiful memories for exhibitors! We feel lucky to have such a talented photographer at Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center and Hott Horse Shows."
-Timmy and Libby Hott

" 'Moving Forward', an article which covers the story of my accident and recovery, can be seen in the November, 2014 issue of Practical Horseman Magazine. For this said article, photos were needed, hence a photographer... What a fabulous afternoon we had! Alison & I were attached at the hip as we, slowly, cruised the show grounds. At every turn, we ran into old horse-show friends of mine who Alison creatively worked into a photo-opt. Each of Alison's photographs are angeled and lit beautifully to capture her subject's expression. I highly recommend Alison Hartwell Photography."
-Francesca Mazella

" Your love for photography and the sport is shown through your beautiful pictures! Thank you for capturing memories that will last forever! -from Olivia Liopiros and Lion :) "

"We are very grateful of Alison who took the first professional shot of Kat after getting RS Levitation, Kat's first 3.6 Junior Hunter last Fall.  Not only did Alison take the shot at the right moment, but she is very artistic and skilled at taking very special candids.  Having a young daughter, it is very heart filled to capture as many precious moments as I can."  -Shereen Fuqua, Collecting Gaits Farm, USEF Pony Finals Presenting Sponsor

"Thank you for being such a friendly face during the Royal! It’s awfully

kind of someone to get excited about someone jumping the meter fences. Your photos even made me look pretty good for something to give my wife!" -GMF

"Thank you for your lovely work, you captured some really special moments between me and my horses!​" - KJ


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