Private Galleries / Archive Galleries:
Events are available to view and order online for a limited time.

Photos from events where we are the official photographer are available in the ARCHIVE galleries. 

Current year archives: $50 access fee gives you one download credit and three days access. Remember, the gallery access expires in three days, but you get one download credit added to your account each time you pay the access fee, saving $13 in cost of small instant download ($50 access fee / $63 for small instant download.) Having two credits allows you to download a medium file ( 1 download credit = 1 small / 2 download credits = 1 medium .) Download credits are download credits, not cash credits.

Prior years' archives: $20 access fee, not applicable to order. Three days access.

Archive access is valid for THREE DAYS from when your access is approved. When you have access to an archive gallery, you will have access to ONLY the event you requested. Unused download credits remain on your account until the end of the calendar year, and can be used in any gallery.

How to use your download credit(s) for INSTANT DOWNLOAD:

Log In

Go to the gallery (can also be accessed via MY ACCOUNT / FIND MY PHOTOS , click on the gallery you have access to right there, no password needed)
Select photo
Select DOWNLOADS product category -

That will show you there that you can instantly download right there, without adding anything to your cart! No checkout, no payment, just select to apply download credits and instantly download right there! See screen shots below!

Be sure you know where downloads are saved to on your device, because it is INSTANT!! (Some people
have trouble not knowing where downloads save to on their device - I always use the computer because I know where downloads save to on there! Lol )

You can buy additional download credits ONLY if you already have at least one download credit. If you don't have any download credits, the option to use or purchase download credits does not appear.

Sign Up and Private Galleries:  

The advance sign ups are the way to go, with definitely the best bang for the buck, guarantee of photos, and all sorts of exclusive benefits for sign up and private clients! All Sign ups must be confirmed in advance. If you sign up by Monday before the show week begins, there are really fantastic deals.

I will always do my very best to help - I’m here with all my love. My team and I are always working very hard to make sure everyone who wants photos has them!

Check out the Sign Up packages available here


Customized edits and options are available as add-ons to prints ordered (ears forward, remove small item from background.) Each and every standard photo order, whether or not customized, is handled by renowned Graphic Designers, and printed by a small independent print lab that specializes in Fine Art. All done on an individual basis. We can and do offer more detailed design, as we take great pride in offering individual attention to our clients' needs. A variety of private projects and customized items are available - anything you can imagine using our images, we can bring together for you!

Digital Files

When you order a digital file alone, it is delivered automatically and immediately after your order has been processed. You will immediately receive and email with the link to the download. This is an immediate download for you.

If you are using download credits, see directions above - when you click "download now" , that's it! 

If you order a digital file that is discounted as an add- on to a print order, that is fulfilled and delivered manually, it is not an instant download.

When you order a digital file, it is for the specific usage purchased only, See product descriptions and https://alisonhartwellphotography.com/terms-and-conditions/

Photos ordered as digital files are signed differently than on prints ordered, and downsized for web / digital usage only. NOT FOR PRINT. NO PRINT PERMISSION GRANTED. 

For posting to social media, we have found that using an app like SquareFit, fits/resizes the images for posting to social media with the least distortion. Social media sites usually resize, crop, stretch, distort automatically, so we found that the SquareFit app works well - especially with the SMALL digital files! The files we deliver CAN NOT be cropped, stretched, zoomed, etc without significant distortion, as they are all relatively small and low resolution to begin with, to protect from unauthorized reproductions/printing thereof.

Small (400x600 pixels, 72 dpi)

Medium (800x1200 pixels, 72dpi) The size of proofs in the galleries

Delivery of orders

For all orders, including digital, we always say, "please allow four to six weeks for standard delivery." We say this to be safe, and so that you may be happily surprised when they arrive sooner! 

Payments and Shipping

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal and Venmo.

Checks and money orders may be mailed, accompanied by a print out of the order enclosed.


Each image ordered is handled individually by specialists, every step of the way in our services, for the absolute best quality, delivered to you. Please allow four to six weeks for standard delivery. Customizations may take longer. Express shipping is an option available upon checkout. 

Express processing is available for a 100% fee, not including shipping. Send an email or call us to inquire.

Private Events / Portrait Sessions:


  • -Up to two hours
  • -Free download of all small digital proofs, for web only use, personal usage only
  • -30% off all print/product orders from private gallery

$1000 SESSION:

  • -Up to four hours
  • -Free download of all medium digital proofs, for web only use, but gives permission for barn website / social media and online horse for sale websites as well.
  • -50% off all print/product orders from private gallery
  • -One 16x20” canvas

Private gallery is posted within 48 hours (usually immediately after shoot, but depends on web access and my travel schedule, so I say 48 hours to be safe.) Prices do not include travel expense. Additional image usages from a private gallery (or any event) are on a case by case basis, negotiated by my agent. The more detailed your plan is for exactly what images and usages, the better of a package my agent can negotiate for your specific needs. 

Contact us for more detailed information and schedule booking availability.

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