Events are available to view and order online for a limited time.

Where / how do I access a gallery?
You can access galleries two ways: (1) directly from your account if you signed up in advance, or your login has been given authorized access to an archive gallery. (2) Click Event Galleries on the main menu; At the very bottom of that page click to accept terms and continue to view the galleries. This brings you to the list of archive galleries. Click to select the event.


Clients / My Account / Find My Photos
Click to select from the list of galleries your account has been authorized access for.

Advanced Sign Up and Private Client Galleries Access:  

Advanced Sign Up and Private Clients take priority. Clients are sent emails with the link and access to their private gallery. The advance sign ups offer a guarantee of coverage, and all sorts of exclusive benefits! Click here to see the Advanced Sign Up and Private Client packages available at the horse shows where we are the Official Horse Show Photographer. All Sign ups must be confirmed in advance. If you sign up by Monday before the show week begins, there are really fantastic deals available for you to choose from!


Archive Galleries Access:

The main Horse Show event galleries are available in the ARCHIVE galleries.  (Click Event Galleries on the main menu; At the very bottom of that page click to accept terms and continue.) We do our best to photograph everyone, but there is no guarantee of coverage without advance sign up for a private gallery confirmed. 

Archive access is for the event added to your cart; Gallery and timeframe of access are confirmed at checkout before submitting payment. Unused paid gallery access credits do accumulate and remain on your account for one month. Account credits can be applied to any image order across the entire website.

Current year archive gallery access: $50 access fee gives you five days' access, and $50 cash credit to your account, applicable to your image order. The gallery access fee is credited to your login account that you purchased access with, and automatically applies to any image order at checkout, from any gallery across the entire website.

Prior years' archive access is $20 not applicable to your order. Three days access.

The system does not allow account credit to apply to purchasing gallery access. Account credit only applies to image orders. 

If you want to only view YOUR images, not the main show gallery sorted by class or the day's candids, and have a guarantee that there are images of you/your horse, the Advanced Sign Up options available accommodate this.

Why is there a gallery access fee? I was one of, if not the first one in the country, to go exclusively online. (Before there was e-commerce... I was still shooting film...) After the first few years online, for about a decade later, galleries on my website would expire online anywhere from two weeks to a year, then went into paid access archives. Paid gallery access is nothing new. Every year, there were about $3 to $5K in stolen images, that were brought to my attention, of my copyrights having been violated. In 2019, there were over $60K in unauthorized reproductions and usages - in a single year. After over 15 years of offering online proofs, paid access only was implemented in 2020. 

Are there events when it's not paid Archive access? Yes! When a show or sponsor covers our staff pay, travel and accommodations, there are event galleries available during the days of competition without paid access. In those instances, free gallery access expires 24 hours after the event concludes. Signage throughout the show (usually also periodic announcements from the Announcers) as well as notification within my website will indicate clearly whether the online gallery for the event is paid access or not. For sponsor opportunities, Contact us.

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